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First attempts to create "Silence Kit" took place under the open sunny sky summer 2000, just as soon as the brit-rock-crap of Boris Belov's "Dairy High" became totally boring for everyone and so on.
Besides, by that time Boris already had accumulated absolutely brand new material, that couldn't be released within the bounds of "DH".
And in spite of the fact that the band had time to record one song named "Zralok", for play magazine and perform the cover-version of Primal Scream's "Accelerator" with the band "Hot Zex", several increased disagreements eventually have resulted DH's brakeup.
However, the broken away adherents have formed "Silence Kit". For the first-draft-times it was Boris Belov, former DH drummer Grigoriy Alexanyan and Feodor Dmitriev - former DH guitarist, who also was supposed to perform kinda occasional vocals.
Former vocalist of "The Bridges" Andrew Gavrilov joined the band as the keyboardist and lastest but not leastest - Sergey Bogatov, former bass-guitarist of the band "Squash" completed the squad. Summer&autumn were given to the studio work, which result became the first album of the band.
Now, while working on the new material, the band performs several gigs in the support of its audio-debut.
October 2002

Several inner problems caused the following fact: One of the members of SK Grigory Alexanjan solemnly left the band. While drinking and searching for new drummer we found Sergei Ledowski, who suddenly appeared to be a perfect drum-stick-master, nah.. so we do call him!. By the way, he's the member of "Lumeny". He likes to play gigs!!
..So suprising! The new material is being prepared. Studio-times will be anytime in autumn.. maybe.
April 2003

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